Affiliate Marketing Overview
  • Affiliates Intro to This Course
  • Competition for Affiliates
  • Things to do in the Right Time
  • Advantages of Facebook ads
Introduction To Facebook Ads
  • Introduction To Facebook Ads
  • understanding facebook ads type
Facebook Ads Features
  • New Facebook Ads features
Facebook Measurement Basics
  • Facebook Measurement tools, Connect with reports
Advertising Guidelines
  • Gudelines and Specification for ads Creation
Advertising Objectives
  • Understanding Advertising Objectives
  • Awareness Objective Insight
  • Consideration Objective Insight
  • Conversion Object Insight
  • Choosing the Right Objecive
  • session end quiz
Targeting Your Ads
  • Creating a New Audiences
  • Targeting Audiences Specifically and Broadly
  • How to do location Targeting
  • Insight Into Radius Targeting
Using Call to Action
  • Understanding call to Action
Bonus Section
  • Bonus materials for your better knowledge