Fundamental #1: Get an Unfair Advantage By Listening Before You Write
  • Module Overview: Customer Development is Your Unfair Advantage
  • Have So Many “WOW" Moments By Listening to Your Target Audience
  • Watch Your Copy Coach: Run a Customer Interview Call
  • Mini Mission: Practice Your Interviewing Skills With a Friend
  • Listen to Thousands of People From Your Target Audience Using The “Online Observ
  • Watch Your Copy Coach: Use the “Online Observer” technique
  • Mini Mission: Practice the Online Observer Technique
Fundamental #2: Focus Your Message to Make Your Writing Concise
  • Module Overview: Blow Your Readers Away With How Concise Your Content Is
  • Everything You Need to Know About Customer Avatars
  • Watch Your Copy Coach: Create a Customer Avatar
  • Mini Mission: Create a Customer Avatar
  • Find Your Big Idea
  • Find the Feeling Your Reader Desires Most
  • Find the One Action You Want Your Reader to Take
  • Watch Your Copy Coach: Create a 1-Sentence Copywriting Cheat Code
  • Mini Mission: Create 1-Sentence Copywriting Cheat Code
  • Keep Learning Inside The Full Copywriting Masterclass