Introduction to the Unity Interface
  • Introduction to the Unity 5.5 Editor UI
  • Scene and Game Windows Explained
  • Hierarchy Window - Scenes, GameObjects, Parent Child Relationship
  • Project Assets for 2D Games (Sprites / Sound / Music)
  • How to Organize Project Asset Folders
GameObject Basics
  • Game Objects, Transforms, Layers & Tags
  • How to Setup the Camera
  • Player Controller, Collisions with Colliders, Rigidbody 2D Physics
  • Adding Sound Effects and Music with Audio Sources
  • UI Canvas Introduction
  • Text UI, Text Mesh and Making Them Look Right
  • Buttons and Setting OnClick Events in Editor
  • Primer on UI Buttons and Things to Avoid
  • Creative Use for UI Sliders in Unity
  • All About Sliders UI Element
  • How to Create Game and Options Menu Screens
  • Game Jam Template Easy Menu & Controlling Audio with Mixer
  • Consistent UI Size with Canvas Scaler
Sprite Animation
  • How to Cut Up Sprite Sheets for Animation
  • Animating Sprite Characters
  • Blend Tree Animation - Switching Between Idle / Walking in 4 Directions
  • Animation Override Controllers Explained
C# Scripting
  • Picking and Attaching a C# - Javascript Script Editor to Unity (Visual Studio 20
  • MonoBehaviour Scripting and Unity Lifecycle Methods
  • Scripting Player Movement Controls
  • How to Script Platformer Jumping
  • Spawn Enemies or Game Objects in Script
  • Testing for Raycast Collisions
  • Send and Broadcast Messages to Scripts / GameObjects
  • Fade the Screen In and Out
  • Saving System
  • Loading Games
  • Build a Save Screen Pt. 1
  • Build a Save Screen Pt. 2
  • Build a Save Screen Pt. 3
  • How to Build a Load Game Menu
  • Coroutines (Yielding to Other Code)
  • Events and Delegates
  • Easy Ads on iOS and Android
  • Cloud Build
3rd Party Tools
  • Finding Free and Paid 2D Game Assets
  • Pyxel Edit for 2D Pixel Games
  • Setup GIMP for 2D Pixel Art
  • SpriteIlluminator - 2D Normal Map Lighting
  • Tiled + Tiled2Unity
  • Introduction to Audacity
  • BFXR - Make Character Talking Blip Sound Effects
Projectile Attack System
  • Projectile Attack System Full Demonstration for 2D Unity Games
  • How to Create Custom Projectile Attacks using Projectile Attack System
  • Creating Homing Projectiles with Improved Target Selection