• What is 360º Video?
  • Terminology
  • The Power of Storytelling
  • Introduction Quiz
Planning & Capturing Your Vision
  • Pre-Production & Storytelling
  • Planning & Logistics
  • Pre-Shoot Equipment Checklist
  • GoPro Setup
  • 360 Video Cinematography
  • Capturing Your Vision
  • Embracing the Loss of Control
  • Pre-production Quiz
Preparing for Editing
  • General Tips, Preferences, App Setup, and Keyboard Shortcuts
  • Importing and Organizing Media
  • Syncing Cameras
Autopano Video Pro
  • Autopano Video Pro Overview
  • Stitching Basics
  • "Prelim Stitches"
  • Exporting from Autopano Video Pro
  • Output Options
  • Adobe Premiere Overview
  • Importing, Organizing, and Setting up Sequences
  • Editing 360º Video
  • Editing Workflow
Perfecting the Stitch
  • Adaptive Stitching
  • Range Stitching
  • RMS Curve
  • Masking in Autopano Giga
  • Animating Masks in Autopano Giga
  • Blend Modes and Masking in After Effects
  • Fixing Stitch Problems in Photoshop
  • Blend Modes in Autopano Video Pro
  • Basic Stabilization in Autopano Video Pro
  • Advanced Stabilization in After Effects and Mocha Pro
Removing Tripods, Rigs, and Camera Operators
  • Basic Remove with After Effects, Photoshop, and mocha Pro
  • Basic Remove with mocha Pro and After Effects
  • Basic Remove on Locked-Down Shots with Photoshop and After Effects
  • Advanced Remove on Moving Shots with mocha Pro and After Effects
Graphics, Effects, and Advanced Polishing
  • Individual Camera Batch Export for Advanced Repair
  • Adding Graphics to Locked-Down Shots
  • Adding Graphics to Moving Shots
  • Effect Overview
  • Utilizing Full Dynamic Range of Your Cameras
  • Color Correction and Grading Issues to be Aware Of
  • Exporting Multiple Versions from Autopano Video Pro
Export, Delivery, and Sharing
  • Replacing Prelim Stitches with Final Renders
  • Exporting from Adobe Premiere
  • Quality Control and Feedback
  • Director's Cuts
  • Delivery
  • Content or Marketing?
  • This Course is Just the Beginning
Bonus Materials
  • Indie Film Hustle Podcast: How to Shoot 360 Video