Modeling and Unwrapping the Objects
  • Introduction to the Course
  • Breaking Down the Concept
  • Modeling the Windows
  • Modeling the Beam
  • Modeling the Ceiling
  • Modeling the Wall
  • Creating the Brick and Contrete Textures
  • Creating the Rust and Metal Textures
  • Creating the Ceiling Texture
  • Creating the Decals
  • Unwrapping the Models
Exporting to CryEngine and setting up the assets
  • Introduction
  • Exporting the Meshes
  • Exporting the Textures
  • Importing the Meshes
  • Setting Up the Modular Pieces
Scene Assembly and Building the Scene
  • Introduction
  • Scene Assembly
  • Placing Decals
  • Lighting the Set
  • Final Compositing