Thank you for learning how to improve your life and productivity with me?
  • Welcome to the Four Hour Work Week! Why have I created this course?
  • How can you transform and improve your life right now?
How to Double Your Productivity!
  • What tool helps me work faster and better online?
  • Create a system that makes you work faster without sacrificing quality!
  • Does Time = Money?
  • See the sheer amount I have to manage per day!
  • How I hold myself accountable when I'm not producing!
  • It's so easy to be sell and find customers nowadays!
  • Who will do the work?
  • How Outsourcing can be the greatest timesaver (and money maker!)
  • Where will you be 10 years from now?
What to do with your free time?
  • Learning will help you achieve so much in life!
  • Taking care of yourself with make everyone happy around you!
  • You can sleep for longer and feel more rested!
  • Enable your brain to make better decisions!
  • Can working harder lead to riches?
  • Counclusion - Thank you for taking this course!
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