How This Course Came To Be
  • Introduction - Personal Journey & Experiences
  • The Online Education Age - Joining The Education Revolution
Your First Profitable Online Course - Researching
  • Should You Create An Online Course? (Practical Questions)
  • How to Find A Topic To Create Your Online Course Around
  • How To Do Market Research For Your Online Courses
  • Defining Your Target Market - Who Are Your Ideal Students?
Your First Profitable Online Course - Planning
  • How Long Should Your Course Lessons Be
  • How To Create A Complete Online Course in 24 Hours
  • Scripting vs Not Scripting Your Course Lessons - When To Do What
  • How to Write a Course Outline That Pulls Attention & Brings in Sales
Your First Profitable Online Course - Strategy
  • Should You Host Your Online Courses on Udemy Or Not (Surprising Answer)
  • How To Create A Badass Sales Video For Your Online Course (That Actually Convert
Course Conclusion - Where to Go Next
  • Join The Amazing Facebook Group of Online Education Entrepreneurs
Bonus Content
  • The #1 Productivity Tool to Promote Your Online Courses on YouTube