• Alex Ivanov and LinkedIn
Making the most of Udemy courses
  • Navigating the class
  • Am I speaking too fast?
Make your LinkedIn profile stand out
  • It starts with a face shot for a picture
  • Adjust your profile URL for making it easier for others to find you
  • Get active by writing blog posts also known as articles
  • Make your posts more frequent by sharing updates about where you go
  • Add videos and links to other content, make your profile pop.
  • Make others aware of your skill set and don't be shy to ask your network
  • Don't be shy, ask others to write endorsements for you
  • Don't forget to toot your own horn by listing off your accomplishments
  • Find groups of interest to you and get active
  • Communicate with those you meet using the messaging capability
  • Thank you for taking time out of your busy day a good review will be appreciated
  • Linked actions for you to take