Start Here
  • Introduction
The System Information
  • Public Poll
  • Public Poll and our System
  • Our System Plan
  • The Over View of This Course
  • How To Ask me!
Manage Yourself
  • Set Up Your Goals
  • Milestone
  • Your New Habits
  • Your Tasks
Why Do I want to Memorize the Whole Quran?
  • The Benefits of Memorizing the Whole Quran
  • Dua
  • Your 1st Task
  • ReNew Your intention
  • Build Your Goals
  • the 9th steps to Achieve your Goals!
  • Use Pretty Poster!
What Do We Need To Start Our Training?
  • Same Version of The Quran
  • Timing
  • Be close to Allah
  • Quranic Friend and our program's Youtube Channel.
  • 25 Mins Rule
  • Summarization
  • The power of Imagination
  • Change your Core belief
  • Imagination Exercise
  • Imagination Habit
  • Targeted Dua
  • Step for Supper Imagination
1st Evaluation
  • First Evaluation
  • Taking Action
  • Sterengthing your Memory
Phase #1 Quantum Reading
  • Introduction to the Phase #1techniques
  • The concept behind The Quantum and Scan Reading
  • Quantum Reading in Depth
  • Quantum Reading Illustration
  • Quantum Reading 1st Exercise
  • Quantum Reading Math
  • Quantum Reading for the Whole Quran
  • 7 Exercises of Quantum Reading
  • Be ready for more Fun
  • Word Game
Phase #1 Scan Reading
  • Introduction to Scan Reading
  • Scan Reading in Depth
  • Scan Reading Illustration
  • Scan Reading 1st Exercise
  • Scan Reading Math
  • The Whole Quran Scan Reading Exercise
Phase #2 Initial Memorization
  • Introduction To the Phase #2 Techniques
  • Initial Memorization in Depth
  • Initial Memorization 1st illustration
  • Initial Memorization 2nd Illustration
  • Initial Memorization 1st Exercise
  • 2nd Evaluation, Feel The Difference! (You Before and After)
No More Forget!!
  • Introduction to Forgetfulness
  • Types of Forgetfulness and the solving of Word/s forget problem
  • 1st beginning/Ending of any Verse
  • 2nd beginning/Ending of Verse problem Solving
  • The beginning Verse of a page forgetfulness problem Solving
  • Over Time you may forget some verses problem Solving
  • Initial Memorization and your Task
Phase #2 Deep Memorization
  • Introduction to Deep Memorization
  • Deep Memorization Task
  • Your Task Plan!
Lessons Learned
  • The 4 Techniques
  • Final Advice
  • Help Our Nation (Ummah)