• Welcome To This Course
  • Why This Course?
  • Anyone Can Do It
  • Your Impact On Others
  • Opportunities From The Right Relationships
  • Who is Entitled to Happiness?
  • Do the people around you have any effect on you?
Why You Matter
  • You Have To Love Yourself for Who You Are
  • Who You are Determines What You Need and What You Want
  • Who You Are Determines Who You Attract And Who You Push Away
  • You Have To Let People Know Who You Truly Are
Identifying The Right People
  • The Importance Of The People You Draw Close To You
  • Giving Yourself a Chance for Successful Relationships
  • The Potential in a Relationship
  • What Point Are They In Mentally Right Now?
  • What are Their Opinions and Expectations of You
  • The Maturity Checklist
Developing The Right Mindset For Successful Relationships
  • Speak To People As They Are Not As You Are
  • Expectations In Relationships
  • The Benefits of NO
  • The Value of Each Relationship
  • Think Before You Speak
  • Allowing People To Have Bad Days
  • Qualities of a healthy relationship.
Time to Move On
  • When It's Time To Move On
  • The Guilt factor
  • You can be happy while still clinging on to past relationships