• Welcome to the course
Module 1 - Understand the Circular Economy 
and its main processes
  • Describe the dominant
 economic model of the 21st century
 and its main impacts
  • Exercise 1: Identify and locate the steps of a linear economy
  • Exercise 2: Find the Circular Economy processes that avoid waste
  • Rank the different Circular Economy processes
  • Exercise 3: Rank the different processes
Module 2 - Give the Circular and Regenerative economy main advantages and limits
  • Exercise 1: Find the main advantages of 
a Circular and Regenerative Economy
  • Exercise 2: Identify the main forces that could constrain organisations
  • Exercise 3: Find the main limits of a Circular Economy
Module 3 - Understand how to activate 
the Circular Economy
  • Start to apply the principles and processes of Circular Economy to a business
  • Exercise 1: Start to apply the Circular Economy principles
  • Congratulations, you have completed the course!