• Welcome to the Course from Prasad Setty
  • Exercise: Introduce Yourself
  • Resource: Workbook for the Course
Building a Data-driven Approach to Human Resources
  • Human Resources and Data Science
  • Fundamentals of People Analytics
  • Steps to Get Started with People Analytics
  • Collecting Data for HR
  • Embedding People Analytics in the Organization
  • Complementing Human Decisions with Data
  • Exercise: Reflect on Your HR Decisions and Apply People Analytics
The Science of Great Teams
  • Building Great Teams: Google's Project Aristotle
  • Diagnostic Tools for Teams
  • Creating Psychological Safety: Google's Project Wing
  • Exercise: Diagnose Your Team Dynamics and Plan for Improvement
Data on Great Managers
  • Effective Managers: Google's Project Oxygen
  • Managing People in Social Enterprises
  • Exercise: Adapt Google's Strategy for Great Managers to Your Organization
Influencing Behavior with Data
  • Data to Influence Behavior Change
  • Data for Fairness
  • Exercise: Plan For Action Based on Data and Reflect on People Analytics
  • About +Acumen
  • Complete the Post-Course Satisfaction Survey