Getting Started
  • Introduction
  • Intro to Photoshop Layout and Panel Windows
  • Creating a new Photoshop project
  • Working with Photoshop layers
  • Resizing Photoshop projects and images
  • Cropping images
  • Layer Styles inside Photoshop
  • Selecting different areas and an intro to the Magic Wand tool
Editing In Photoshop
  • Altering different parts of your image
  • Adjustment layer effects
  • Checking In
  • Working with text
  • The Brush tool
  • Creating shapes inside Photoshop
  • The Eraser tool
  • The Spot Healing tool to remove pimples, or spots in your images
  • Airbrush Technique For Smooth Skin
  • Liquify effect to reshape parts of your image
Additional Key Features In Photoshop
  • The incredible Content Aware feature
  • Removing the background from a logo to create transparency
  • Working with vector .eps files
  • Exporting files from Adobe Photoshop CC
  • Applying filter effects in Photoshop
  • The Clone Stamp tool
  • Bonus - The New Quick Selection Tools
  • Bonus Lecture: Learn More From The Instructor & Other Info