• Introduction
Preparing your logo Design Images
  • Preparing Images in Illustrator
Launching & Selecting a Theme
  • Launching & Selecting a Theme
Establishing the Pages of the Logo Design Portolfio
  • Uploading Logos & Defining the Portfolio Homepage
  • Defining the Portfolio Page as the Homepage
  • Uploading Your Business Logo
  • Establishing the About Page
  • Assigning Order, Captions & Info to Your Portolfio
  • Setting up & Testing the Contact Page Form
A Quick Interjection!
  • A Quick Interjection!
Look & Function of the Logo Design Portfolio
  • Call to Action Buttons
  • Social Media
  • Souping up with a Header Image
  • Cleaning up the Nav
  • Favicon
  • Meta Data
  • Final Word
  • BONUS: Boost Site Visitors!