The principles of Adoption
  • Watch a 4 minute video on No-till adoption (optional)
The conceptual underpinning of the ADOPT tool
  • Beginnings of ADOPT
  • Understanding the underpinnings of the ADOPT conceptual framework
The ADOPT Quadrants
  • Q1. Relative Advantage for the Population.
  • Q2. Learnability Characteristics of the Innovation.
  • Q3. Population Specific influences on the ability to Learn about the Innovation.
  • Q4. Relative Advantage of the Innovation.
Putting ADOPT to work
  • Loading the ADOPT tool
  • Entering information about the population and the innovation
  • The ADOPT outputs and the ADOPT report
Further information
  • Resources Depository (not a lecture)
  • What people are saying about ADOPT (not a lecture)
  • Download ADOPT from: (not a lecture)