• Introduction
Prospecting and how to do it.
  • Prospecting and the best way to do it.
Cold Calling Tips that Science Say You Need!
  • 5 Cold Calling Tips that Science Has Proven You Need To Do.
The Psychology behind a cold call
  • We will break down the Psychology of the Cold Call and how to be effect.
Deep Dive in to the Art of the Call
  • The Art of the Sale or Pitch
  • 50 in 150- What does that mean
  • Taken a break
  • Being Excited
  • Research Research Research Research
  • Use your Imagination!
  • 180 Secs Rule- First 60 Secs
  • 180 Secs Rule- Second 60 Sec rule
  • 180 Sec Rule- Last 60 sec- Figure it out and Book it.
  • No Means Go- What does that mean?
You made the Call Now what?
  • Value Stack
  • Confirming The Call.
  • Confirming the Meeting Part 2