Welcome to Macroeconomic Fundamentals for Managers | New for 2023
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Apply Macroeconomic Frameworks to Key Business Issues
  • How GDP Works and Why it Matters
  • Action Learning: Use Google Public Data to Compare GDP Trends
  • How Governments Manage their Economies
  • How Specialization and Trade Create Wealth
  • Labor Arbitrage and the Economics of Offshoring
  • Environmental Limits, Risk, and Innovation
  • The Key Macroeconomic Signals
EazlViews: Mish Shedlock & Charles Hugh Smith
  • EazlView: Mish Shedlock on the Nature of Financial Crises
  • EazlView: Charles Hugh Smith on Cooperation in Economics
SideBySides: Economic Data Research Methods for Managers
  • SideBYSide: The User-Friendly Public Data Resource
  • SideBYSide: Advanced Economic Data Sourcing