welcome to the advocate series
  • what is the advocate series
introductions & mifi device!
  • what you will learn in this course
  • why you would need a mifi and when
  • the mifi device explained
  • what did you learn so far.
setup, usage, capacity
  • what you will learn in this section
  • getting the mifi setup
  • tp-link 4g lte (m7350) admin login (
  • SIM cards, data packages and networks
  • so your a pro at setting up a mifi now right?
real world environments
  • what you can expect from this section
  • bringing your own internet
  • live video streaming
  • limitations of sharing your connection
  • placement & signal issues
  • keeping mifi alive, backup batteries and solar panels.
  • at a conference? set the SSID to your twitter account!
  • security and your wifi password details
  • sim cards and travelling
  • always buy unlocked mifis
  • 3G unlimited vs 4g limited - when to use and for what
  • external aerials and why
  • overheating and lockup hacks to keep online
team humble, more courses
  • who is #teamhumble
  • more advocate series courses
  • what you empower by spreading free and buying paid