An Introduction to Affiliate Marketing & Why It's the Best Business for Beginner
  • What Is Affiliate Marketing? (Introduction)
  • Affiliate Marketing is the Best Online Business Opportunity for Beginners
Getting Started & Setting Yourself Primed for Success
  • Choosing Your Profitable Niche and Positioning Yourself Properly
  • Finding Good Affiliate Programs That Convert & Pay
  • Exploring the Largest Digital Product Marketplace
  • Partnering With A Trusted E-Commerce Giant
  • The SaaS Play - Easy Monthly Recurring Revenue (MRR)
Bad Traffic Sources vs. Good Traffic Sources for Affiliate Marketing
  • Bad Traffic Sources To Avoid
  • Good Traffic Sources for Affiliate Marketing
Professional Affiliate Marketing vs. Amateur Affiliate Marketing
  • Direct Linking vs. Building an Email List
  • Why You Need A Website (And 3 Ways to Build One)
Finding "Buyer" Traffic, Collecting Emails & Earning Commissions
  • How To Collect Emails and Profit
  • Finding Buyers and Driving Targeted Traffic