• Welcome to the course!
The history of Artificial Intelligence
  • History of AI: The first failures
  • The Machine Learning era: introduction to Machine Learning
  • The history of Artificial Intelligence - Quiz
AI for images and media
  • Build your own Computer Vision application with Google Teachable Machine
  • Computer vision applications: today and tomorrow
  • Computer vision in everyday life: Apple Face ID
  • AI for images and media - Quiz
AI for natural language
  • Teaching computers to speak
  • The frontiers of AI and language: text generation
  • AI and language in everyday life: Gmail, Siri, Alexa and the Google home
  • AI for natural language - Quiz
Recommender Systems
  • From data to recommendations
  • Recommender systems in everyday life: Netflix and Instagram
  • Recommender Systems run the world: Quiz
What lies ahead
  • AI risks: job loss, filter bubbles, unfair AI
  • AI opportunities: democratisation of technology, happiness
  • AI at work: how does an AI project look like?
  • Goodbye and how to start a career in AI