The Language of Algebra
  • The Language of Algebra: Introduction
  • Getting Familiar with the Symbols
  • Exponents & Square Roots
  • Understanding Absolute Value
  • Working with Inequalities
Seeing Things Differently
  • Seeing Things Differently: Introduction
  • Identifying Coefficients
  • Simplifying Expressions by Eliminating Parenthesis
  • Combining Like Terms
  • Eliminating Parenthesis AND Combining Like Terms
  • Moving Terms Around in Algebra Expressions
  • How to Finish Solving an Equation
  • Understanding Order of Operations
The Coordinate System
  • The Coordinate System: Introduction
  • The Four Quadrants and How to Identify Points
  • Working with Points not Located in a Quadrant
Important Topics Related To Algebra
  • Proportions in Algebra
  • Proportions In Algebra Part 2
  • Geometric Sequences
  • Arithmetic Sequences