• Intro To The Course
  • Get In Touch
  • Tools For This Course
The Amazon Customer
  • Understanding The Amazon Customer
Sales to Review Ratio
  • Explanation of the Sales to Review Ratio
  • Analyzing Keywords to Determine Competition & Demand
Discovering Products
  • How to discover products to sell on Amazon.
Analyzing Products & Competition
  • Analyzing Amazon keywords/category.
  • Finding room for improvement.
Brainstorming Ideas
  • Creating the perfect bundle, set, pack, starter kits, and DIY.
Google Shopping Insights
  • How to leverage Google Shopping Insights & Trends.
  • Finding manufactures around the world.
  • How to filter out the best manufactures.
  • How to stay organized contacting manufactures.
  • How to correctly approach these manufactures.
  • Finding manufactures in the USA.