• Introduction/Overview
  • Creating An LLC & Product Liability Insurance
Module 1: Product Research
  • Product Research Using Jungle Scout
  • Product Research Others Don’t Do
  • Alibaba Product Research
  • Finding Products By Spying On Competitors
  • Product Tracker/What to look out for
  • Spying On Successful FB Ads To Find Products
  • Product Example & Pricing, Images, Title, Bullet-points, Description
  • The Buy Box
  • Amazon Fees & Product Costs
Module 2: Suppliers & Shipping
  • Finding & Contacting a Supplier
  • Air Freight Rates, Air Freight Rates Suppliers and Manufacturers at
  • Designing A Product’s Logo And Packaging
Module 3: Account Set Up & Creating Your Product Listing
  • Setting Up Your Amazon Seller Account
  • Creating your first listing and product variations
  • How To Bundle Items Together To Increase Profits
  • Reviews and How To Get Them
  • Finding Keywords For Your Listing/PPC
  • Aggressive Product Launch Strategy
  • How To Get Ungated In Restricted Categories
Module 4: Navigating Seller Central & Putting It All Together
  • Creating A Shipping Plan
  • Navigating Seller Central
  • How To Deal With Hijackers
  • Putting It All Together
Module 5: Marketing & Advertising
  • Amazon Pay Per Click (PPC) Advertising & Promotions
  • Email Marketing For More Reviews
  • Facebook Advertising For More Sales
  • Optimizing Amazon PPC Campaigns
  • What To Do With Slow Selling Products
  • Amazon FBA Book Keeping
  • Resources