Introductory Section
  • Introduction
  • Spotlight Effects for a Title Slide
  • Essential Reading Slide
  • Timeline Slide: A Map for Your Audience
  • Provide a Quick Overview with an Infographic
  • Reviewing previous lessons: Why do it?
Behind the scene: Cardiac Glycoside Lecture
  • Intro Slide: How to Pique Your Audience's Curiosity
  • Create Visually-attractive Slides using Advanced Gradient Fill
  • State the Essence, Use Creative Text Highlights
  • My Approach and Tips in Creating an Interesting Scientific Presentation
  • Black is not the only colour... Using colours in an academic presentation.
  • Teaching Strategies for a Large Audience
  • Secrets Revealed: Influencing Drug's Potency with Chemical structures
Concluding Section
  • A Re-cap + Zooming back to Big Picture
  • Drawing an Action Potential of Heart Muscles using the Pen Tool
  • Final Thoughts with Effective Presentation Tips