• 1 Introduction
  • 2 Watch it first
2 Create the Design of Piano App in XML
  • 3 Start the Designing of the Piano App
  • 4 Code the Drawable Resource files and then Apply on the Button
  • 5 Make Changes in Manifest file to run app in a Landscape mode
  • 6 Code the Custom Style for the rest of the piano keys
  • 7 Code the Rest Of the Pink Piano Keys and applying the custom styles
  • 8 Code the Style for the First Set of Text Views that will act as a label
  • 9 Code and Apply Style on TextViews
  • 10 Code the Style for Rest of Text Views for Piano Keys that acts as a Label
  • 11 It's Time to Code the Custom Style for the Black Piano Keys
  • 12 Code the Main Selector file Of Black Piano Keys
  • 13 Applying Custom Style On Black Piano Keys
  • 14 Fixing Bug and Also Implement the All Black Piano Keys
3 Its Time to Code the Piano App
  • 15 Create and Initialize all Views Inside the MainActivity
  • 16 Declare and Initialize Variables of TextViews
  • 17 Difference Between MIDI Driver and Audio File Edited
  • 18 Lecture to Show the Difference Between OnTouchListener and OnClickListener
  • 19 Add OnclickListener to TextViews and Buttons
  • 20 Which is best to Play Sound in Android
  • 21 Demo app to show the Concept of Using SoundPool Instead MediaPlayer
  • 22 Add the code to Play the Piano Note by using SoundPool
  • 23 Add More Functionality to Piano App
  • 24 Add Buttons to the Layout of Piano App
  • 25 Initialize all buttons and add Left or Right Navigation Functionality
  • 26 Now its Time to Check for Run Time Permissions
  • 27 Add Record Audio Functionality to the Piano app
  • 27 Lecture Part 2 fixing some issues inside the MainActivity
  • 28 Its time to Code the Record Audio Functionality
  • 29 Continuing the Recording Functionality Code of the Piano App
  • 30 Design Layout for the Play Audio Functionality in Piano App
  • 31 Drawable Resource file for PlayingActivity
  • 32 Its Time to Code the PlayingActivity to add the playing functionality
  • 33 Design the Splash Screen for Piano App
  • 34 Specify the Animation Code for the Splash Screen
  • 35 Its time to code the Splash Screen
  • 36 Let's Do Some Improvement's in Piano App Edited
  • 37 Its time to handle the back press button
4 Improving App By Fixing Some Issues
  • 38 Fixing Some issues of the app
5 Final Conclusion
  • 39 Final Conclusion