• Introduction
  • Single Page Application
Starting a project on angular
  • Prerequisite software installation
  • Understanding how to use the angular cli
Understanding component
  • Intro to component and adding using cli
  • Adding component to a specific directory
Understanding Data Binding
  • Displaying Data
  • Data binding techniques
  • Introduction to Module
  • Generating module using cli and use component present in different module
  • Introduction to service
  • Using service in component
  • Introduction to forms
  • Template-driven forms
  • Reactive Forms
  • Form Validation
Component Interaction
  • Introduction to Component Interaction
  • Demo on component interaction:@Input,@Output property
Understanding ViewChild, Temp Ref, Content Projection, dynamic component loading
  • Temp Ref Variable
  • Viewchild
  • Content Projection
  • ViewContainerRef
Storage mechanism
  • Different storage mechanism
  • Pipes
  • Custom Pipe
Lifecycle Hooks
  • Angular lifecycle
Perform HTTP requests
  • Get Request
  • Post Request
Routing & Navigation
  • Introduction to routing
  • Route Configuration
  • Navigating between pages
  • Steps for deployment