• Introduction to this course
  • Setting up your Udemy Preferences for 2x Speed and Closed Captions
Using the Apple Watch Human Interface Guidelines
  • Introduction to the Apple Watch
  • Learn to use Buttons
  • Color
  • User Interactions
  • Designing for the Apple Watch
  • Let's test that big brain of yours
  • Navigation Styles for the Watch
  • Glances
  • Layout
  • Animations on the Apple Watch
  • Screen Sizes
  • Typography
  • Contextual Menus
  • Let's see how good you got!
Design and Prototype the Udemy App for the Apple Watch
  • Introduction to designing your first app for the Apple Watch
  • Create user stories for your design
  • Quick setup of your document and computer
  • Logo and Welcome screen
  • Screen for a list of your courses
  • List of lectures in course (curriculum)
  • Video Player Controls Screen
  • Contextual Menu by Force Push
  • User Flow for Recording a Note
  • Finishing up your design
  • Let's test what you've learned
Creating your prototype for the Apple Watch
  • Introduction to Marvel App and Creating your Project
  • Starting your Prototype adding gestures and transitions
  • Testing your Prototype
  • Let's test that big brain of yours