• Introduction
  • Hello World!
  • Basic wildcards * and _
  • Using predicates and
  • Varying the responses with
  • Processing information behind the scenes with
  • Using to add context
  • Recursion and calling other categories with
  • Bot properties. How to make mass changes.
  • Conditional statements if...then...else using
  • Keeping context with the tag
  • Formatting user input to make it display better.
  • Allowing your bot to learn from its users
  • Using sets and maps
  • New wildcards for AIML 2
  • Using loops
  • Using to call other AIML chatbots.
Rich Media Elements
  • Buttons and quick replies
  • Including images and videos
  • Hyperlinks
  • Cards and carousels
  • Formatting output with and
  • Using lists
Thank you!
  • Thank you. A few extras plus useful resources
Other tags you may find useful
  • and
AIML Quiz!
  • It's test time! Just for fun. Don't worry if you get some wrong.