• Introduction
What is Cosmobiology
  • Welcome to the world of Cosmobiology - delivering what astrology promises.
  • How Cosmobiology relates and adds to traditional Astrology
  • We continue to look at Cosmobiology, how it works and it's history
  • We look at the chart of Reinhold Ebertin, the father of Cosmobiology.
  • Cosmobiology comes to Australia and how Glorija's gets involved.
Glorija uses Cosmobiology through out her life. Here are some real examples.
  • A very accurate Royal prediction and how Glorija managed to get it so right.
  • Glorija uses charts to predict the progress of a potential rise to stardom.
  • This chart show the good and the bad, how does the story unfold?
  • Glorija invites you to to learn Cosmobiology. Offering to share her knowledge