Introduction to Astronomy
  • Introduction to Astronomy
  • Definitions
  • Introduction to Astronomy questions
  • Watching the night sky activity
  • Introduction quiz
  • Further reading, things to watch and sites to look at
  • Starry Night software demonstration showing the ecliptic
  • Getting started with Stellarium
  • The Ecliptic as seen from outside the solar system
  • Stellarium ecliptic and key functions
Plotting star positions (co-ordinate systems)
  • Co-ordinate systems
  • Star position questions
  • Star position quiz
  • Activity Recording positions of stars (Home observation exercise)
  • Sidereal time
  • Activity Sidereal time
The motion of the Sun, equinoxes and the Zodiac
  • The Zodiac
  • A matter of time activity
  • Checking your star sign
  • Check your star sign activity
The phases of the Moon
  • Phases of the Moon information
  • Phases of the moon lecture
  • Phases of the moon activity
Retrograde motion of planets
  • Retrograde motion lecture
  • Retrograde motion activity
Historical understanding of the Universe
  • Historical research questions
  • General Astronomy questions
  • Telescope information
  • Making a telescope activity
Celestial objects
  • Celestial objects activity
The Southern region of sky
  • Southern region of sky activity
Revision and Test
  • Revision questions
  • Revision answers
  • Conclusion