• Introduction to Course
JIRA Basics
  • What is JIRA?
  • What is JIRA issue?
  • Types of issues in JIRA
  • Switching views and configuring columns
  • JIRA Home page walkthrough
  • How to update your profile information
  • What are gadgets in JIRA?
  • Manage JIRA dashboard and Gadgets
  • Atlassian marketplace for JIRA
JIRA project introduction
  • What is JIRA project?
  • What is KANBAN?
  • What is SCRUM?
  • Creating JIRA project
  • Edit/Delete JIRA Project
JIRA issues in detail
  • EPICs in JIRA
  • Story in JIRA
  • Task in JIRA
  • Sub-task in JIRA
  • Bug in JIRA
  • Issue template walkthrough
  • Configure issue template
Finding issues in JIRA - BASIC Search
  • Introduction to BASIC search
  • Search all issues in any project
  • Search issues of particular type in any project
  • Search all issues assigned to you
  • Search particular issue type assigned to you
  • Search issues by Reporter
  • Search issues by Status
  • Search issues by Dates
  • Other search options and quick search
  • Resetting search criteria and save search query
Working on issues in JIRA
  • Transitioning issues
  • How to get issues done?
  • See whats being done
  • Updating issues
  • Checking issue activity
  • Logging time for issues
  • Creating sub-task for issues
  • Linking issues in JIRA
  • Wrap up