What Is The Hardest Part About Becoming A Content Creator? (It’s not obvious)
  • The Hardest Part about Becoming a Content Creator
  • What Is Authority And Why Do We Respond to it the Way We Do?
  • What You Will Learn From This Course
Why Do We Reject Ourselves?
  • The Superhumans We Create In Our Imagination
  • Do You Feel Like An Imposter Sometimes? (we all do)
  • The Thing That Every Content Creator Faces (but they won’t admit it)
  • What We Think an Authority Figure Should Be Gets In Our Way
Learn Why Authority The Key to a Successful Content Creator’s Success
  • Authority Makes People Feel Really Good… Here’s Why
  • How to Give Your Audience the Confidence They Need
  • Save People from the Paradox of Choice
Authority is Completely Made Up (how you can benefit from the big illusion)
  • Authority is Not Real! It’s Just an Illusion
  • The People We Trust Don’t Know as Much as We Think They Do
  • Real World Examples of Authority Figures On the Web & How They Got There
How Do You Become The Authority On Your Subject?
  • It All Starts With You And This Key Insight
  • My Story On How I Became An Authority (even when things were going against me)
  • What Do You Want to Be An Expert In?
  • You Don’t Have to Be Someone You’re Not
  • The Power of Credibility Boosters (and how you can get them)
  • Educate Your Audience And They Will Give You Their Trust
You Are Now The Authority On Your Subject
  • Here Are The Key Insights That Will Save You A TON of Time
  • The Most Important Thing For You To Do Now As a Content Creator
Bonuses To Help You Thrive As A New Online Business Owner
  • How-To Build An Online Business Without Technology Getting In The Way
  • The Hero With A Dream