Introduction to Selenium
  • What is Selenium and its Components?
  • What is Selenium IDE and Selenium RC ?
  • What is Selenium Webdriver ?
  • Installation of Java (JDK) 12
  • Installation of Eclipse 2019
  • Selenium Setup and how to launch chrome browser ?
Web Elements and Selenium Locators
  • How to Inspect WebElements?
  • Web Drivers Methods , ID and Name Locators
  • Link , Partial Link Text and XPath Locators
  • CSS Selector, ClassName and TagName Locators
Handling Browsers
  • How to Handle Browser using get , getTitle and getCurrentUrl methods?
  • How to Handle Browser using getPageSource , close and quit methods ?
  • How to Handle Browser Navigation Commands?
Handling Edit Box and Web Button
  • How to Handle Edit Box?
  • How to Handle Button in Firefox browser?
Handling Checkbox Box and Radio Button
  • How to Handle Checkbox ?
  • How to Handle Radio Button ?
Handling Image and Drop Down List
  • How to Handle Image?
  • How to Handle the Drop down list?
Validating Text Message
  • How to Validate the Text Message?