Getting Set Up
  • Introduction
  • Access Set-up
  • RStudio Set-up
  • The Rcpp Package
Basic Queries
  • SELECT (SQL) and select (dplyr)
  • ORDER BY (SQL) and arrange (dplyr)
  • WHERE (SQL) and filter (dplyr)
  • AND and OR
Grouping and Aggregation
  • Grouping and Sum in Access SQL
  • Grouping, Summarize, and Sum in dplyr
  • Averaging in Access SQL and dplyr
  • max and min
  • count (SQL) and n (dplyr)
  • Batting Average and Mutate (dplyr)
  • Career Batting Average
Inner Joins
  • Inner Joins with Access SQL
  • Inner Joins with dplyr
  • A Query with an INNER JOIN
  • Joining on more than one field with SQL in Access
  • Joining on more than one field with dplyr in R
  • Joining three tables with SQL in Access
  • Joining three tables with dplyr in R
  • Grouping and joining with SQL in Access
  • Grouping and joining with dplyr in R
Practice Problems
  • Problem #1 with SQL
  • Problem #1 with dplyr
  • Problem #2 with Access
  • Problem #2 with dplyr
  • Reading Other Data into R