Extracting PITCHf/x Data
  • Introduction
  • PITCHf/x Data
  • Scraping the Data
  • Joining the atbat and pitch Data Frames
  • Choosing Columns from the atbat Data Frame
  • Choosing Columns from the pitch Data Frame
Multi-Batter Visualizations
  • The Strike-Zone
  • Drawing the Strike-Zone
  • Vizualizing the Pitch Locations
  • Visualizing Pitch Speed
  • Visualizing Pitch Type
  • Subsetting R vectors and "which"
  • Better Pitch Descriptions
Working with Color
  • Hue
  • Chromaticity (saturation)
  • Luminance (brightness)
  • Palettes
  • Manual Color Specification
  • Colors and Factors
  • Faceting with One Variable
  • Stand on the Correct Side
  • Facet Order through Factors
  • Faceting by At-Bat
At-Bat by At-Bat
  • Specifying Batter and Inning
  • Labeling Pitches
  • Replacing "In Play"
  • Counting the Number of Pitches in an At-Bat
  • lapply and seq
  • unlist
  • Visualizing Pitch Enumeration
  • Saving a Single Plot
  • For Loop Part I
  • For Loop Part II
  • Difficulties and Problems!
  • Solving the Color Problem
  • Solving the Speed Problem Part I
  • Solving the Speed Problem Part II and Wrap-Up