First Steps
  • Necessary downloads for this course
  • Introduction
  • All what you need for animation
  • Get acquainted with After Effects
  • Import footage to your project
  • Start to animate
  • Handle Timeline
  • Miror your character left to right
  • Export movie
  • Little Chicken practice
  • Your practice project
  • Our little concert with dancing animals.
  • Practice project cartoon
Let the chickens dance
  • Rig your model
  • What is anchor point
  • Handle layers on timeline
  • Using Keybord shortcuts
  • Let us make cartoon with Kenny
  • Animation of speech
  • Finale big practice
  • Chicken Lake Ballet sample project
  • Chiken Lake Ballet Sample Cartoon
  • Five little chickens jumping on the bed sample project
  • Five little chickens jumping on the bed sample cartoon
Dancing Girls Practical Assingment
  • Dancing Girls Introdaction
  • Dancing Girls Sample Video
  • Dancing Girls Assingment
Practical assignments 2018 - The Adventures of the Yellow Dog
  • Some details about this section of our course.
  • Meet the Yellow Dog - our symbol of 2018!
  • Yellow Dog - The first steps
  • Yellow Dog - Scene 01
  • Yellow Dog Project
Practical assignments 2020 - The New Year of the Rat
  • Introduction to our 2020 Assignments
  • New Year 2020 is coming!
  • Our New Year 2020 Assignment!
Our new lectures on Automatic animation in Adobe After Effects
  • On the eve of the new school season
  • Video tutorial like an elite wine!