Get organized for swimming with the healthiest swimming technique in the world.
  • What are you going to get and learn in this course?
  • About Ori Sela Coach & hydrotherapy expert
  • How to take your swimming workout with you to the pool
Basic freestyle course first swimming workout
  • Workout 1 - Read understand & go to the pool with a big smile
  • What are we going to learn in workout 1 - Learn the WEST basic freestyle
  • Swimming Drill 1 - Hands Breaststroke legs freestyle
  • Swimming drill 2- The Walking windmill in WEST swimming
  • Swimming drill 3- Gliding windmill in WEST swimming
  • Swimming drill 4- Superman 5 seconds no breathing
  • Swimming drill 5- Walking with the 3 points in WEST swimming technique
  • Swimming drill 6 - Swimming freestyle with the 3 points
  • Swimming drill 7- Counting strokes in freestyle without breathing
Basic freestyle course, second swimming workout you will learn to breathe.
  • Workout 2- Read understand & go to the pool with a big smile
  • 2nd swimming workout drill 1- Loosening freestyle no breathing
  • 2nd workout drill 2- Breathing on the wall every 3 seconds
  • 2nd swimming workout drill 3- Classic backstroke in WEST swimming technique
  • 2nd swimming workout drill 4- Breathing every 3 strokes with 180 flip
  • 2nd swimming workout drill 5- walking in freestyle breathing every 3 strokes
  • 2nd swimming workout drill 6- swimming without breathing
  • 2nd swimming workout drill 7- counting strokes & breathing every 3 strokes
  • Learn how to float in freestyle and loosen you lower back
  • Watch this video & it will help you breathe much better in freestyle
  • Congratulation you finished the basic & most important swim course
What's next? how to swim from 25m to 1000m
  • What's next ? How to go from 25m to 1k? and why ?