• Introduction
  • What is LINQ, Where does it Apply and How to Use it?
  • IEnumerable
Basic LINQ Query Syntax
  • LINQ Examples - Where, Select, Sorting, Multiple Conditions and More
  • LINQ Queries on Objects
Basic LINQ Method Syntax
  • Introduction to Method Syntax with Lambda Operators
  • The Difference Between Select and Where in Method Syntax
  • Short ForEach with Lambdas and LINQ Method Syntax
Basic Grouping with LINQ
  • Introduction to Grouping - group, by - Query Syntax
  • Grouping Introduction and Grouping By MultiKey - Method Syntax
Basic Joining with LINQ
  • Basic Join and Inner Join of Objects with LINQ Query Syntax - join
  • Inner Join and Composite Join - Method Syntax
Filtering Collections with LINQ
  • Filtering a Collection by The Type of The Items in it
Bonus Section
  • Bonus Lecture: Get My Other Courses With a Discount and Further Your Knowledge