• Brief Introduction to the Course
  • What is Object Oriented Programming and Why Do We Need It?
Basic Class Construction in C#
  • Creating a Basic Object (Class) in C#
  • Structuring The Files in Our Project - Namespaces
  • Constructing a Class - What is The Purpose of Constructors?
  • The "this" Keyword, Why and When You Should Use It
Fields and Properties in C#
  • Fields and Properties - The Variables of a Class and The Difference Between Them
  • Validation Implementation in a Property
  • Read-Only, Write-Only and Read-Write Properties
Types of Fields in a Class
  • Static Fields And Their Purpose
  • Constants in C# - Const and ReadOnly and The Difference Between Them
Enumerations and Static Classes
  • Enumerations - Limit The Input Options To Defend Your Code
  • Static Class (Singleton Design Pattern) And What You Can Do With It
Object Oriented Programming Basics - Project and Practice
  • Warrior Wars Project - Introduction to The Project
  • What Is It That Defines Our Warriors? (The Fields in Our Warriors)
  • Which of The Fields Should be Accessible? (Properties and Namespaces)
  • What is a MUST for a Warrior? (Creating our Constructors)
  • What Should Never Change? (Defining our Constants)
  • What Is It That Warriors Can Do? (Implementing Attack Method)
  • And What is The Result of The Attack?
BONUS Section: Warrior Wars Source Code and Discounts
  • Warrior Wars Source Code
  • Bonus Lecture - Advanced OOP and My Other Courses with Huge Discount!