Introduction to Educational Game
  • Why don't you play games in class?
  • Factors that prevent playing games in teaching
  • Importance of knowing game jargon
  • What do kids want to play at school?
  • Past vs. present game play
  • What do labels mean on the games?
  • Good educational game examples
  • Brainstorming!
  • Brainstorming!
  • Brainstorming!
Game-Based Learning
  • Game friendly ...
  • How much time each kids play game?
  • The most important reason to play games
  • Game-Based Learning research studies
  • Results of Game-Based Learning Research Studies
  • What do kids practice while playing a game?
  • What skills can we develop through the games?
  • Skills we develop while playing a game
  • Feelings in the game world
  • Brainstorming!
  • Brainstorming!
Game Design
  • Easy to get game materials
  • Game Mechanics
  • Some Game Examples and Their Mechanics
  • Core and Supportive Mechanics
  • Game Elements
  • Some Game Examples and Their Elements
  • Brainstorming!
  • Brainstorming!
  • Gamification
  • Gamification Examples
  • Gamification in Education
  • Feedback as a game element
  • Brainstorming!
  • Brainstorming!
Educational Game Design
  • Play & Game & Gamification
  • Game Environments
  • Frequency of Feedback
  • Levels, Gamification Tools and How to Design Gamification
  • How to convert a game into an educational game?
  • Five stones game transforms to an educational game
  • Some examples to transform a game into an educational game
  • Now, it is your turn
  • Let's try something else
  • What is your profit?
  • Here are some more
  • Not all games
  • Parkour and Escape Room/Breakout Games
  • How to Convert Board Games into Educational Board Games
  • Brainstorming!
  • Brainstorming!
  • Brainstorming!
Educational Board Game Design
  • Educational Board Game Design