Section 1: Introduction
  • Introduction
  • HTML Founder and disclaimer about his course
Section 2: Frequently using tags
  • Regular Tags-1 in HTML
  • Regular Tags-2 in HTML
  • List and Table Tags in HTML
  • Text Design Tags in HTML
  • Character Entities in HTML
  • Page division in HTML
  • Favicon on your Webpage
Section 3: Media Tags in HTML
  • Image Tag in HTML
  • Video tag in HTML
  • Audio Tag in HTML
Section 4: Form attributes
  • Form Attribute Input Tags in HTML
Section 5: Least Using Tags in HMTL
  • Least Using Tags in HTML
  • How to use SVG in HTML(1)
  • How to use SVG in HTML(2)
  • Additional Tags in HTML
Bonus Section
  • How to use Google Fonts in HTML
  • Thank a lot