BellyFat, Insulin Resistance and Diabetes. What I need to know.
  • Introduction and Disclaimer
  • What will you Gain and who is this Course For?
  • I have belly fat but do I have Insulin Resistance? Quiz
  • Insulin. What is this Hormone and how should it be working in my body?
  • Introduction to Food Groups and Insulin. Reminder to download PDF's
  • Fat making hormone no 1. Understanding Insulin and Insulin Resistance.
  • Do I need to be scared of Belly Fat?
  • Is it possible to Reverse the Damage and what is the main Contributor?
  • Added Dangers of Insulin Resistance
  • First Impactful change to make.
  • Where do I start to make a difference?
  • Summary of Necessary Changes to REALLY make a difference to health and Belly
Hidden Sugars
  • Where does sugar hide in everyday foods? How much are we really eating?
  • Added Dangers of Sugar and Bonus Gifts
  • Bonus Gift 1