• Watch this before Introduction
  • Introduction
  • Overview Of How You're Going To Workout To Gain Muscle And Lose Stomach Fat
Common Mistakes, Their Simple Solutions, & How To Set Goals
  • Common Mistakes Beginners Make & Their Simple Solutions
  • How To Set Goals For Muscle Growth/Abs & Stay True To Them
  • Why CONSISTENCY Is So Important When Following This Weekly Workout Plan
How To Find Your WHY & Why Workout Partners Can Revolutionize Your Results
  • How To Find Your Why Behind Getting In Shape & Turn It Into A Beautiful Journey
  • How To Find Workout Partners & Why They Will Accelerate Result
  • Why Rest Is SO Important
Best Amount Of Reps, Sets, & Tempo To Follow For Your Gym Workout Plan
  • Why Rep Tempo Is SO Important & Will Revolutionize Your Progress Standards
  • Best Amount Of Reps & Sets To Do For Your Full Body Workout Plan
How To Schedule Your Workouts
  • Schedule To Follow (Download PDF "Master Plan")
  • How To FIT This Schedule Into ANY Schedule
Best Workout Plan To Follow For Beginners & Intermediate Lifters
  • My Top Workouts To Follow For Muscles Gains & A Flat Stomach
  • How To Find New Workouts
Mindset & Motivation
  • How Your Belief System Can Unconsciously Affect Your Belief System & How To Fix
  • Why Your Current Circumstances Don't Define You & How To Go Beyond
  • Wake Up & Set Your Intentions Before Anything Else
  • Conclusion
Additional Content: How Music Can Turn You Into A BEAST
  • How To Find Music That Moves Your Body, Mind, & Spirit HIGHER
  • How To Apply Tempo To Music
  • Personal Mission Statement Worksheet
  • Bonus: What's next for you?