• Welcome: Course outline
  • Bitcoin Basics
  • The duck is a private and public key pair?
  • Example: Public and Private Keys
  • What is a wallet?
Types of wallets
  • Types of wallets
  • Full vs Light
  • The one we are going to use
Set up Wallet (exodus)
  • Follow me to download exodus
  • Exodus Tour
  • setting up Copay
Lets get come Bitcoins!
  • Lets get some bitcoins and outline
  • Coinbase it
  • Coinbase 2
  • Sending bitcoin to your Wallets
  • Viewing Stuff on the Blockchain
  • Receiving and Backup
Wallet Backup
  • Back dat wallet up!
  • Back and Recovery
Lets convert between Bitcoin and other crypto
  • Shapeshift
  • From litecoin to ethereum
  • Portfolio
  • Thanks for taking the course and other feedback!