Objective-C Intro
  • Introduction
Create the Pirate Adventure Game in Objective-C
  • Create the Pirate Adventure Game in Objective-C
  • Storyboard Setup
  • Adding IBOutlets
  • Adding IBActions
  • Creating a Weapon Model
  • Creating an Armor Model
  • Creating a Boss Model
  • Creating a Character Model
  • Creating a Tile Model
  • Create a Boss Instance
  • Create a Character Instance
  • Creating the Tiles Method
  • Creating Additional Tiles Part 1
  • Creating Additional Tiles Part 2
  • Creating Additional Tiles Part 3
  • Creating Additional Tiles Part 4
  • Setup Game Method
  • Setup and Track Current Point
  • Add Character Attributes
  • Update Tile Helper Method
  • Update Buttons Helper Method
  • GameBrain class and tileExistsAtPoint method
  • Using the tileExistsAtPoint method
  • Implementing our Navigation Buttons
  • Implementing ActionButtonPressed
  • Implementing ResetButtonPressed
  • Declaring a Winner
  • Adding a PlayerDidWin Protocol
  • Conforming to the the GameBrainDelegate
  • Announcing the Winner
Nil vs Null
  • Nil vs Null Introduction
  • Playing with Nil vs Null
Pointers Strong vs Weak Introduction
  • Pointers Strong vs Weak Introduction
Thread Safety Atomic vs Nonatomic
  • Thread safety atomic vs nonatomic Introduction
Object vs Primitive
  • Object vs Primitive Introduction
  • Playing with Object vs Primitive
Sending Messages
  • Sending Messages Introduction
  • Playing with Sending Messages