Blockchain Introduction and Background
  • Welcome to Blockchain Theory 101!
  • Revolutionary Impact of Blockchain Technology
  • Definition of Blockchain Technology
  • Smartnetworks: the Larger Context of Blockchain
  • Hierarchy is not scalable: Blockchain is necessary
  • Long-tail economic and governance systems
Technical Aspects of Blockchain Technology
  • Cryptographic Wallets
  • Blockchain Global Peer-to-peer Software Network
  • Bitcoin Mining: How does it work?
  • Bitcoin Scalability
  • Blockchain Risks: Technical, Regulatory, Perception
Payment Networks
  • ICO: Initial Coin Offerings - Crowdfunding
  • Payment networks: Bitcoin vs VISA
Blockchain Applications
  • Financial Services, Logistics, Healthcare, Energy, IoT
  • Smart Assets and Financial Services: Stock, Bond, Options, Futures, Insurance
  • Governance: Legal Document Registries, Titling
  • Governance: Voting, Legal Contracts
Blockchain Implementation
  • Decoupling Decision-making and Automated Execution
  • Smart Contracts: Bitcoin, Ethereum
Blockchain Consensus Algorithms
  • Distributed Computing Networks: Byzantine Fault Tolerance; Consensus Algorithms
Practical Considerations of Blockchain Technology
  • Getting Started Today: How to obtain Bitcoin
End of Course - Congratulations!
  • Thank you for participating in Blockchain Theory 101!