Start Here
  • Welcome : Introduction
Module 1: Pre blogging :the understanding
  • 1-What is blog, blogging or a blogger.
  • 2-Case: top bloggers
  • 3-Blogging as a life style, blog for money
  • 4-what to blog about: The three pillars of choosing a topic
  • 5-Niches , sub niches: the top 10 evergreen and top niches and case study
  • 6-Build a brand, build a brand create a vision , mission
Module 2: Pre blogging: the work
  • 1-Domain name, Find a great domain name Checking availability of domain name
  • 3-Web host and the technical stuff: choosing cheapest and best platform
  • 4-Wordpress: make your blog
  • 5-Using plugins: many souls of word press
  • 6-Pages: pages vs posts
Module 3: Blogging
  • 1-Posts
  • 2-Where to get ideas, 5 top ways of getting ideas all day long
Module 4: After blogging
  • 1-Launch like a king
  • 2-Getting traffic Google keyword
  • 3-Getting traffic SEO blue print
  • Make money
  • google analytics
Final words
  • Final words