Before We Get Started
  • Welcome to the course
  • Download your first encyclopedic cards
  • Facebook group
Laying Down The Foundation
  • Who is Glenn Doman?
  • What is IAHP?
  • What is the Gentle Revolution series?
  • Who is Michal Juhas?
  • Who are the Ambitious Parents?
  • What is the encyclopedic knowledge?
WHY To Teach Encyclopedic Facts?
  • Garbage in, garbage out
  • Facts => Knowledge => Intelligence
  • Signals we send to our kids
  • Will our kids be replaced by smart machines in 10-20 years?
  • Average is boring, accelerate your kids
Encyclopedic Cards
  • Cards, sets, categories, divisions, and facts
  • Categorization of the encyclopedic cards
  • What a great encyclopedic card should look like?
  • Characteristics of a good card
HOW To Create The Encyclopedic Cards?
  • Example cards available online / to buy
  • Create your own cards
Three Rules You Must Follow
  • No testing is allowed
  • Praise, encourage & have fun
  • Have a steady stream of new cards
How To GET STARTED Teaching Kids?
  • Change your environment
  • Change your mindset
  • Get cards in your local book shop
  • Create a few card sets in advance
How To Get New Cards EVERY MONDAY?
  • Subscribe to get new cards weekly
  • Equipment needed
How To Overcome CHALLENGES?
  • What challenges to expect?
  • How to have enough cards?
  • How to handle two kids at home?
  • What if a child doesn't like the sessions?
Go And Multiply Your Kids' Intelligence!
  • Checklist & resources
  • What are your concerns & questions?
  • It's in your hands