• Introduction to our course
  • Downloading our Resources
  • Updated: Start to use VS Code, Some VS Code tips and shortcuts
Grid System
  • What is Grid System? And Container classes
  • What is rows and cols?
  • Nested Rows and Cols
  • Offset and Aligning inside rows and cols
  • Ordering Rows and Cols
  • Grid System Quiz
Utilities and Tools
  • Text Aligning, Background, and coloring
  • Outlines and Borders
  • Margin, Padding classes and Float, Clearfix classes
  • Display and Position Classes, Difference with visible and invisible
  • Vertical aligning
  • Using image instead of text and Screen Reader.(For SEO)
  • Utilities and Tools Quiz
  • Headings and Text Formatting
  • Inline elements
  • Blockquote, Code text types
  • Lists
  • Typography Quiz
Content Components
  • Images
  • Tables
  • Embed and Figures
  • Content Components Quiz
Other Components
  • Buttons and Button Groups
  • Dropdowns
  • Breadcrumbs
  • Carousels
  • Other Components Quiz
Practical Section Landing Page Coding
  • Project Setup
  • Navigation menu
  • Slider Section
  • About and Services section, icons, grid system, image classes
  • Portfolio Section(Image thumbnails, hover effect layer)
  • Contact Form section and footer
  • Final touches
  • Project Quiz
Outline and Tips
  • Final, Thank You