An Overview of Entry Level Sales
  • An Overview Of The Entry Level Sales Job
  • Earnings Potential In Entry Level Sales And Beyond
How Recruiting Works and How to Shortcut The Process
  • Why It's Hard For You to Get An Interview
  • The Trick to Beating The System. Reaching out to the hiring manager.
Writing a Perfect Email to the Hiring Manager
  • Intro
  • Subject lines
  • Personalization
  • IMPORTANT: How to Write a Persuasive Pitch (Bad Email Teardown Inside)
  • Formatting your email
  • Strong Email Example (Exercise Inside)
  • Sales Characteristics to Highlight In the Initial Email and Resume
Creating A Perfect Resume
  • What a Good Resume Needs to Do
  • Resume Basics
  • Resume Teardown
Finding a Company to Work For
  • Using Glassdoor
  • Using LinkedIn
Learn Sales Skills to Impress the Hiring Manager
  • Intro - Why We're Finding Emails
  • How to Find the Right Companies and People To Reach Out To
  • Verify the Email Address - Using This Website
  • Figuring Out Who the Hiring Manager Is
How Much Time You'll Need to Finish the Course
  • Time Expectations to Land An Interview